Earthquake Damage Claims

Reliance Property Damage Consultants handles earthquake damage claims for commercial properties in California and Montana. 

Standard business policies do not include earthquake as a covered peril.  Businesses in California should consider a separate earthquake policy.

If you have secured this coverage and find your business impacted by the effects of earthquake damage, we can help you through the claims process.

We have been assisting commercial property owners with earthquake damage claims since 1970, resulting in successful loss recovery.

As your advocate, we will handle every aspect of the insurance claim process, from initial assessment through repair and/or rebuild, while you focus your efforts on getting the business back in order.

Before you agree to a settlement with the insurance company, contact the adjusters at Reliance.

We will ensure that the business’ property damage is mitigated immediately and the structure is secure.

We offer assistance with temporary re-location, in the event the business space is not structurally sound.

In the end, Reliance Property Damage Consultants number one goal is to negotiate a fair insurance settlement maximize the financial recovery to your business.