Water Damage Claims

leftReliance Property Damage Consultants have been assisting the insured with commercial water damage claims, in California and Montana, since 1970. 

We understand the daunting task of attempting to manage a large-scale claim on your own.

We bring decades of experience helping business owners obtain the maximum insurance claim settlement, as covered under their policy.

With Reliance, you can rest assured that all aspects of the claims processing will be handled accurately, so that you can focus on the daily tasks of running your business.

In some cases, where water severely damaged the structure of the property, we will assist with finding a temporary location for you to conduct business.

Upon completion of the initial damage assessment, we will immediately coordinate mitigation of the water damage, to prevent further damage to the structure and the development of mold.

Our adjusters will compile a complete inventory of property damage, identify repair and replacement costs and design a plan for speedy restoration.

Before you agree to a settlement on a commercial water damage claim, contact the experts at Reliance Property Damage Consultants.